Chumash people and Redwoods…

Sorry about the blog silence, but I’ve been feeling pretty tired lately with a bout of bronchitis.  Yuck!!

But, I recently picked up a copy of “Chumash Ethnobotany” by Jan Timbrook.  The Chumash bands live along the southern California coast and, historically, on the Channel Islands too.  There is not a whole lot of overlap between plant species of southern California and southwestern Oregon.

One exception is our old friend the redwood.  Chumash country is just south of the natural southern range of redwood trees, but logs washed up along the southern California beaches, just as they did up and down the Oregon coast.  Chumash people took these washed up redwoods, carved out planks and with the help of tar assembled the planks into boats known as tomol.  These were excellent seaworthy craft and Chumash people were able to freely travel back and forth from the mainland and Channel Islands.

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